Alternative Dispute Resolution

There is a wide range of dispute resolution processes, from informal discussion to formal adjudication.  However all ADR processes have the same following desirable impacts:



  • To motivate the parties and any representatives to fasten their attention to the case and prepare for resolution.
  • To allow parties to "have their day in court," a "hearing" in which they have the opportunity to present their perspectives on the situation and their sense of a "fair" resolution.
  • Allow the parties to have the opportunity to experience a capable presentation of the other sides case; and
  • Allow the parties to have a window of opportunity to identify common interests and points of agreement which are not available in the traditional litigation process; and the opportunity to fashion mutually acceptable settlement options to disputed issues.
  • To facilitate the amicable resolution of the dispute which reduces animosities and allows parties to continue a prior working relationship into the future.


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