Welcome to our mock trial for USA vs. Smith. John Smith has been charged with breaking the law and stands to go to prison. Re-create the courtroom drama and determine if John Smith is guilty of the charged offense by participating in this mock trial. If you have any questions or comments, then send us an email.
Where do we start?
  • To begin, take a look at our Mock Trial setup document. Here you will find all the important details of the case including the background, various participants and roles needed, along with the general timeline of the trial.
  • After reviewing the case and picking out your characters, you need to decide where to hold court. Refer to our courtroom layout diagram for ideas on setting one up.
  • Next, the USA and Defense attorneys need to have their documents and evidence ready for court. Use our government exhibit 1, witness and exhibit list, and defense exhibit 1A documents to help with this. You may use these as examples in order to create your own as well.
  • Finally, you`re ready to go to trial. Use this courtroom script to help keep things moving along. However, feel free to ad-lib a little!
  • The jury has carefully deliberated the evidence and a verdict has been reached. Use our verdict form to enter the decision.
For definitions, check out our Student`s Glossary of Legal Terms.
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